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Understanding Hearing Loss

Hearing loss usually occurs gradually, so you probably won't notice your decreased hearing right away.
A few of the most common signs of hearing loss include:
  • People sound as though they are mumbling.
  • You can hear people talking but cannot understand them.
  • Hearing conversation in background noise, like restaurants, is very difficult.
  • Family and friends notice your hearing loss and make mention of it.
  • You have to turn the TV volume louder than what others find comfortable.
Numerous recent studies have shown that untreated hearing loss affects our emotional and social well-being, our relationships with friends and family, and overall quality of life. For individuals still in the workplace, hearing loss can have a negative impact on income potential as well. The good news is that Clear Choice Hearing Center offers you state of the art technology to test your hearing and our personal attention guarantees that you are fitted with the best solution for your hearing needs.

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