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Types of Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss (or nerve-related deafness), the most common, involves damage to the inner ear caused by aging, pre-natal and birth-related problems, viral and bacterial infections, heredity, trauma, and exposure to loud noise, fluid backup, or a benign tumor in the inner ear. Almost all sensorineural hearing loss can be effectively treated with hearing aids.

Conductive hearing loss involves the outer and middle ear that may be caused by blockage of wax, punctured eardrum, birth defects, ear infection, or heredity, and often can be effectively treated medically or surgically.

Mixed hearing loss refers to a combination of conductive and sensorineural loss and means that a problem occurs in both the outer or middle and the inner ear.

, rare, hearing loss results from damage or impairment to the nerves or nuclei of the central nervous system, either in the pathways to the brain or in the brain itself.

What type hearing loss do you have?
Clear Choice Hearing Center's state of the art hearing examination will establish what type of hearing loss you have and then develop the most effective treatment plan for you.

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